Carol Collette Gallery offers limited edition prints - etchings with watercolor featuring the American landscape.

Winter Moon, an original etching with watercolor by Carol Collette

Winter Moon

I am a painter and printmaker inspired by the beauty of New England and its ever changing seasons. I like images with a strong sense of light and shade. Moonlit winter landscapes, maple trees ablaze with leaves of red and gold in autumn and quaint coastal villages are some of my favorite subjects.

Using traditional printmaking techniques I create etchings, aquatints and drypoint engravings on copper. Each print on paper is taken directly from the copper plate using an etching press. After printing, most of my etchings are hand painted with translucent washes of water color, making each one unique.

The tropical beauty of Hawaii calls to me too, and in creating oil paintings I enjoy spontaneity - a contrast from the labor intense process of etching. Both techniques and subjects are fascinating. Working with either is a challenge which brings joy to my days.

The comment I hear most often from those who are drawn to my artwork is that my images give them a sense of tranquility. I hope my art brings a moment of peace to your day too.

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